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Le rapport qualité prix

WeGeek vise à proposer des catégories de produits du quotidien à une valeur très compétitive, en optimisant la chaîne de distribution et la commercialisation des produits.

Du producteur au consommateur avec le moins d'étapes possible et une utilisation réduite des emballages pour une attention maximale à l'impact environnemental.

selection criteria
(WeGeek Certificate)

Definition of quality criteria 

We have established specific criteria that a product must fulfil to obtain the WeGeek umbrella label. These criteria are strict and can demonstrate the quality and excellence of the product in relation to its selling price.

Independent evaluation

We have an independent product evaluation process by experts in the field. The purpose of this process is to check whether the products meet the established quality criteria. Every product has been tested and evaluated by us before being awarded the WeGeek umbrella label.

Continuous control

We implement a continuous control system to ensure that products carrying the WeGeek umbrella brand continue to meet quality criteria over time.

Collaboration with other brands

We cooperate with the individual brands of products that are included under the WeGeek umbrella brand. We have communicated to them the quality criteria that must be met in order to obtain the umbrella brand.

Promoting synergy

We want to highlight the added value of obtaining the umbrella label in addition to individual labels. Membership of this label represents a commitment to quality and overall excellence.


Our evaluation is based on the criteria of quality, price and reliability that rank the product on a scale of 1 to 5 stars

*          Poor

**        Below Average

***      Average

****     Above Average

*****   Excellent

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