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Chassis & Accessories

In addition to above main components (generators, ultrasonic transducer tubes, tanks and sonicators) RI-LAVO can offers a tailored components and connections for setting up our ultrasonic equipment in your plant, whether for cleaning, processing, or welding, like:

  1. Mounting Frames or Stands

  2. Enclosures or Chambers,

  3. Compressed Air Supply,

  4. Cooling Systems,

  5. Flanges,

  6. Connection pipes,

  7. Cleaning and Maintenance Tools,

  8. Spare Parts and Repair Kits  

The choice of the right components and type of connections depends on many factors like pressure and power requirements, the nature and flow rate of the fluids being handled, etc., that our technicians can carefully analyse and integrate in our “TotalSonic set-up” program, a TurnKey/Setting-Up program to properly install and configure our ultrasonic equipments within your plant.

Enclosures or Chambers


210x210x1840mm (LxWxH)

AISI 416

This shell designed as the chassis T-1200E_SL, now featuring an innovative "spiral" mechanism, stands as a pivotal component in olive oil processing systems using ultrasound technology. This enhancement significantly increases the contact time of the olive paste within the system, thereby ensuring compatibility and elevating the functionality of the shell T-1200E_SL. By focusing on efficiency and quality, the spiral design within the shell contributes to the production of superior quality olive oil.

Mounting Frames or Stands


475x475x545mm (LxWxH)

AISI 406

This is a stand designed to maintain the sleeve T-1200E_SL in a vertical position. T-1200E_SL_ST is crucial for ensuring the stability and proper alignment of the sleeve when used in conjunction with the ultrasonic tube T-1200E, facilitating an optimal setup for olive oil processing systems.

Enclosures or Chambers


210x210x1840mm (LxWxH)

AISI 416

This shell designed for the ultrasonic tube T-1200E is an essential component for olive oil processing systems. It ensures compatibility and enhances the functionality of the T-1200E tube, making it suitable for efficient olive oil extraction. This combination creates a system kit that is geared towards improving olive oil processing operations, focusing on efficiency and quality.

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